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Real Estate Photography

The first thing potential homebuyers review with a narrow eye is the online property’s still photos. High quality listing photos make a substantial difference in a potential buyer’s first impression, the final sales price, and a listing agent’s ability to stand out from the competition. A listing agent’s job is to sell homes, not take photos, so please leave that to us. Rich Estates would be happy to take that off your hands!

Dusk To Dawn Photography

1. Separate yourself from competitors

Let’s face it. The real estate industry is becoming oversaturated. An eye-catching sunset will draw buyer’s attention and separate your listing from the rest.


2. Eliminate the stress of catching the perfect sunset

Allow us to transform a shot of your home’s exterior, captured at any time of the day, into a stunning dusk image.


3. Attract More Buyers

Turning a photo from day to dusk will not only enhance your listing but will attract more buyers.


4. Enhance Your Hero Image

Dusk images can turn your listing from zero to hero with the dreamy effects that the dusk edit adds.

Virtual Staging

1. Sell Homes Quicker

Homes that are staged have a 75% higher chance of selling faster.


2. Cost Effective

Virtually staging costs a small portion of what regular staging would cost you.


3. Say goodbye to empty listings

Virtual staging gives your potential buyers the opportunity to visual what’s possible.


4. Style Options

Choose from a variety of decor styles to best fit the home (modern, contemporary, etc).

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