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Matias and Gabby met in a very fitting setting, the gym. God has a funny sense of humor. He would have it that they met the same week Gabby bought her first camera and decided to pursue photography. Alignment and timing was key. Initially, it was a mutual interest for cameras that connected them, but that connection quickly developed into a romantic relationship filled with passion and excitement for love, basketball, and film. They joke often saying they have a love and basketball story.


Today, Matias and Gabby have grown Rich Creatives Media into a production company with headquarters in both Chicago and Maryland, but operates around the country. Their motto for the company is “If you can envision it, we can create it”. The Rich Love brand was birthed from the shared passion for beautiful love stories being highlighted with theirs being one.


​​Matias Purnell, 30, is the lead videographer and co-founder of Rich Creatives Media. He was also born and raised in Chicago, IL,. If Matias is not shooting videos or basketball, you will catch him bonding with his 17 nieces and nephews as Uncle Matt or in the kitchen as Chef Matt. He truly values family, youth mentorship, and spreading love in the world.


Matias has 10+ years as a videographer and cinematographer. His past clientele includes Mike and Kyra Epps, Waka Flocka, Derrick Rose, Miss Maryland, and Grammy nominated artist, Z-Verse, just to name a few. He is what one would consider a versatile shooter as he has the knowledge, experience, and ability to shoot a fast paced, high-energy promotional video or slow it down and produce a well-told cinematic wedding film.


Matias’ passion, quality of work, and unique angle selection combined has a way of “wowing” clients when they see the final product. It’s not unusual to hear “I shedded a tear” while watching his videos.

​​Matias Purnell

28-year old Gabrielle “Gabby” Richmond is the lead photographer and co-founder of Rich Creatives Media. Though Gabby currently calls Maryland her home, she is a Chicago native.


Gabby is a force behind and in front of the lenses. She is also a professional model, actress, and the reigning Miss Maryland for America. Gabrielle enjoys juggling multiple hats because she believes they complement one another. She proudly uses her modeling experience to better pose her clients and help them exude more confidence in front of the camera!


Gabrielle’s educational background includes having earned her BBM and MBA degrees from St. Bonaventure University where she received a full basketball scholarship. Gabby also excelled as a student at the  Chicago Art Institute and as a result, her work was put on display. 


If Gabby isn’t photographing a client or ripping the runway at New York Fashion Week, you may find her trying new vegan dishes or planning for her podcast set to launch Spring 2023. Gabrielle uses her platform to give women a space to be heard as it relates to infertility, maternal health, and the birth experience.

Gabrielle Richmond

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